Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stenciled Tabletop

Driving to work last week I spotted this little farmhouse style kitchen table.  One leg is slightly damaged but I can fix that!  I loaded it in my car and was on my way.  I remembered a stenciled table that I liked and went on an internet hunt to find it again... Here it is from Domestic Imperfection:

I didn't have a stencil so again, I searched for one I might like on the web.  I found this:

{Sawdust & Embryos} offered a link to a wallpaper design that inspired her stencil

I printed this image full sized on a regular piece of cardstock.  (note: This did not work well because the cardstock gets wet and tears.  I found a transparency and traced it onto that.  Much better!)
I sanded the tabletop lightly just to take the finish off.  I then found the middle and began stenciling with a mix of Annie Sloan's Old White and French Linen Chalk Paints.

The stencil has to go on in stages because you don't want to smear your paint.  I did not stencil right to the edge because I wanted to bring out the design.  After the stencil was complete all over the top I lightly sanded the top to give it a worn look. 

I took it outside since it was almost 50 degrees yesterday.  (hard to believe since we are having a blizzard right now)  I used Annie Sloan's Dark Wax on the top and buffed it.  Then (this is usually not the order of things) I applied clear wax.  Normally this would lift the dark wax, but in this case the dark wax has penetrated the wood like a liquid stain.  It might lift little off the painted areas but not much.

I painted the skirt and legs with Florence Chalk Paint then Graphite.  (notice they match Rebekah's legs)  I sanded through the Graphite showing the Florence.  Then clear waxed those parts.  Now I just need to but screws for the legs!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

my long desired dining room table

First and foremost let me say that although pallets are free, they are terrible to take apart, they come in more that one standard size, and the slats are of varying thickness.  That being said, if you have work gloves and some basic tools you too can make this...

No, wait, wrong picture.  How about this one?  The dining room table I have been dreaming about.  This has been in my Try This file for ages.

I make no claims that I am a professional woodworker.  I always seek advise from others first including Joseph (the Jewish Carpenter), Bob the Builder (who builds whole towns & his tools talk), or Bob Villa (enough said).  I did however find a post on little paths so startled by simply Goggleing (that's not actually in my spell check) "wood pallet dining table."  Here is a picture of hers, made by her husband.

I think I used 6 pallets or at least the equivalent of 6.  I used the 2x4s from the pallets as legs and supports and the edges.  I chose ones with those funny cut outs for the fork lift.  I build that part upside down so it was all flush to the floor.  That way when I flipped it the top supports were (mostly) all even. 

When choosing the boards you want to use, make sure they are the same thickness otherwise you will end up with a bumpy table.  Or you will end up fussing a lot more than necessary.  I gave each board a good sanding with a power sander using 120 grit before assembling the top.  Then again once it was assembled to even out the joints.

pre-drill holes for nails
layout top BEFORE nailing
measure often with a tape measure that is LONGER than you table
gather MORE pallets than you will need
understand that this will NOT be perfectly straight or level
make sure you get to a point of no return and THEN enlist your husband for the really hard parts

Lastly, be willing to consider you may have a bonfire in the end instead of a family meal.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Simple Moments Stick Blogaversary Giveaway


Today, Simple Moments Stick is two!  Birthday parties are the best way to celebrate but, since we can't all get together to party, a group of twenty-three bloggers teamed up to offer up an absolutely AMAZING prize!!!

It's a $200 Paypal Cash Giveaway!!!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mini Album Samples

I have been making samples of the Mini Album for my workshop so that you can see it in different colors and with different embellishments.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Workshop Date and Video Tour of Feb 2014 Album

My workshop will be held on Friday, February 21 from 6-9PM at The Purple Painted Lady.
77 Main Street, Macedon, NY

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My First Mini Album Workshop!!

Hello all!  I am SO excited to announce my first mini album workshop!  This album is approximately 4 x 6 x 2 inches and is created using Close to My Heart papers and accessories. 

There are 10 double sided pages, 30 pockets, and innumerable tags for photos and journaling.

Directions and supplies will include everything you need in order to construct the covers and pages, form the pockets and tags, and decorate each piece (excluding adhesive).

Kits will include six 12x12 double sided papers, nine 12x12 pieces of cardstock in 5-6 different colors, chipboard for covers and frame, 2 sheets of coordinating stickers (cardstock weight) or chipboard accents, and 2-3 matching accessories.  These may include adhesive crystals, ribbons, resin shapes, paper or fabric flowers, mini flags, buttons, metal badges, or many other embellishments.

You will now see a link at the top of my site for Paper Choices and Level Choices.  Please review these in order to better choose your desired kit.  You can also see a tour of the album from cover to cover HERE.  When you are ready to join me in creating this fun mini album please email me with your choice or paper pack and level.  I will send you a detailed paypal invoice for your purchase.

All kits ordered by February 10 will be sent out February 20.
Experience It Level dates will be announced sometime this week here as well as on The Purple Painted Lady's website under the Workshops heading.

Monday, January 6, 2014

ATC Week: Day 3

Ok, we have been on winter break here. 
"Week" is a very fluid idea right now.  
So here is day 3...ATC collages with postage stamps.

How did I make them?  It was so fun! I started with a piece of thick paper 7" x 10"  Using Mod Podge I covered it with scraps of papers left over from other projects.  The I covered some parts with sewing patterns.  When these are applied with MP they are translucent.  I even stamped on some of the patterns with StazOn ink before adhering them.  When all is dry cut into 2.5" x 3.5" rectangles.  Decorate with permanent markers or paint pens accenting the edges.  Finally I matched up used postage stamps and glued them on.