Friday, December 12, 2014

Favorites Collage

This week's Favorites Collage is of a few quilt blocks I want to try.  
These are a few images I have in my favorites on flickr

1. DGS Blocks Jaceycraft
2. do.good stitches Feburary by rainylakechick
3. Arrow and Feather by retired to quilt
4. Blocks for Natalie by Jaceycraft

Every week I plan to go through my favorite ideas online and choose related projects to showcase for you. These photos and projects are not my own, you can find the original images and creators by clicking the coordinating links! If you do not want your project featured here, please email me and I'll remove it!

Happy Weekend!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Party Favorites


1. Blue Ribbon goblets from NOVICA Live  
2. Bird Tart Warmer from Scentsy  
3. Key Lime Cheese Ball Mix from Tastefully Simple  
4. Mineral Eye Color Quad in Black Ice from Mary Kay
5. Stoneware Deep Dish Pie Plate from The Pampered Chef  
6. Necklace from Premier Design
7. Sugar & Spice from Jamberry
8. Owl Wallet from thirty-one
9. Sewing Machine Charm from Origami Owl
Key Lime Cheese Ball Mix
Key Lime Cheese Ball Mix

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dolls From the Beginning: Lynn Miller

My next few Thursday blogs will be a series about my progression into doll making.  This has been a labor of love from the beginning.  Always loved dolls!  My first doll was a Raggedy Ann that I made while in college.  It was for my Japanese Pen Pal so that I could send something truly American.  Yaeko and I began writing when we were 11 and still continue occasionally to this day….Oh my!  It’s been 52 years. Is that a record?  The photo isn’t the greatest but you get the idea, lots of red yarn hair and that recognizable face.  She is still being used by Yaeko’s granddaughter.  Raggedy Ann is such fun to make with that little heart on her chest, the pantaloons, apron, and dress.  I enjoyed the way her legs came together with the stockings and shoes all in one piece.  This is something I remembered and used in later dolls.  

Part of my doll journey was making doll clothes for various dolls that made up my little family.  Barbie clothes use very little fabric, but it's oh so hard to turn over a tiny hem!  My mom, a great seamstress, quilter and painter, was the perfect model for a little girl who wanted to sew.  She made wardrobes for some of my dolls, like Tiny Tears and Ballerina.  I still have those and the vintage patterns from which they came.

Making Raggedy Ann dolls has continued up to the present with gifts to nieces, friends, and family.   When my first child was born, AKA tidbits & scraps, Julie, I made a soft baby doll for her.  Now I know this is horrible photo but the only one I could find!  This was a doll that seemed to be just the right size for a little girl, and even though it never became a real favorite, it was loved.  

As you’ll see from reading this series, I have never been far from making dolls even in those years where other activities took precedence.  Now, at the age of 52 + 11, I am more involved than ever.  Next week, I’ll take you into the my world of animals and primitive dolls.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tula Pink City Sampler: Block 91-100

block 91 Tula Pink Raccoon again
block 93

block 100 Tula Pink Squirrel

Rebekah's Favorite Bunny Shirt made into a 6x12 block

I have no idea what this block is!  Maybe it was a mistake, but I like it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tula Pink City Sampler: Block 71-90

block 76 pink floral is from a flannel blankey I made for Rebekah when her main one is in the wash

block 78 lighter color is from little pants she loved

block 79

block 80
block 81

block 84

block 85

block 86

block 87

block 88

Friday, November 21, 2014

Kids Corner Crafts - Crochet Bookmark

Lynn Miller is back with us here with her first edition of Kids Craft Corner. 
 Guess what?  It's not just for kids!  

This simple bookmark is great for a first crochet project.  It is quick and easy.  This is a bookmark that you can use for yourself, make for friends, or give to a favorite teacher.  You will need a small amount of yarn so look around for a partial skein or small ball.  Choose a yarn that is ‘worsted weight’ and a size ‘H’ crochet hook.

Chain 8, turn and make a single crochet in the first chain from the hook.  Single crochet across, chain one, turn and continue working single crochets in those 7 stitches, back and forth until your book mark measures the size of a book or about 9 inches. 

half double stitch

completes shell stitch
You can cut your yarn about 3 inches from your end and then weave the end into the back of your bookmark by using either a needle or your crochet hook.  

weaving through
Cut two pieces of yarn 4 inches long and loop them through the center or 3rd stitch of your ‘shell’ Pull the loop part way through and then tuck the ends through the loop and pull snuggly.  You could embellish this with pony beads if you’d like. :)

looping through for the tassel