Friday, November 21, 2014

Kids Corner Crafts - Crochet Bookmark

Lynn Miller is back with us here with her first edition of Kids Craft Corner. 
 Guess what?  It's not just for kids!  

This simple bookmark is great for a first crochet project.  It is quick and easy.  This is a bookmark that you can use for yourself, make for friends, or give to a favorite teacher.  You will need a small amount of yarn so look around for a partial skein or small ball.  Choose a yarn that is ‘worsted weight’ and a size ‘H’ crochet hook.

Chain 8, turn and make a single crochet in the first chain from the hook.  Single crochet across, chain one, turn and continue working single crochets in those 7 stitches, back and forth until your book mark measures the size of a book or about 9 inches. 

half double stitch

completes shell stitch
You can cut your yarn about 3 inches from your end and then weave the end into the back of your bookmark by using either a needle or your crochet hook.  

weaving through
Cut two pieces of yarn 4 inches long and loop them through the center or 3rd stitch of your ‘shell’ Pull the loop part way through and then tuck the ends through the loop and pull snuggly.  You could embellish this with pony beads if you’d like. :)

looping through for the tassel

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tula Pink City Sampler: Blocks 51-70

block 51

block 52

block 53

block 54 there's that raccoon again

block 57

block 58

block 60
block 61 (wow, I'd better iron that one again!)

block 63

block 64

block 65

block 66

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Little Sis

Today is my little sister's birthday. For Tula Pink City Sampler: Blocks 31-40, check back tomorrow.

Abby is my best friend.  She lived with me when I was a single mom.  What a blessing she has always been to me.  I want to show you what I found for her.  Actually, I got one for both of us.

This small sterling silver heart necklace comes on a delicate sterling silver chain of 15", 16", 17" or 18".  The small charm measures 4 mm x 12 mm.  I bought this from Etsy artist Sharon from shop Bliss Trip in North Carolina. 

Like gold better?  She makes it in gold too!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rings, NOVICA Live Feature

I love rings!  I don't have enough fingers when it comes to rings.  This is a collection of my favorites from NOVICA Live artisans.

Sterling silver band ring, 'Classic Passion'
This ring by Kenari is crafted with classic Balinese styling. Graceful sterling tendrils flow elegantly around the band while minuscule spheres and braids frame them. Made of .925 sterling silver.  10mm width.

Chrysocolla cocktail ring, 'Universe'
Mesmerizing with its nuances of color, chrysocolla centers a sterling universe. Patricia Jara (Andes) showcases the stone in a bold, handcrafted ring. The gem is associated with peace and serenity. Chrysocolla is believed to foster meditation, intimacy and unconditional love.  Made of .925 sterling silver.

Amethyst cocktail ring, 'Lilac Frangipani'
Adorned by frangipani blossoms, this design is the creation of Buana in Bali. Crowning ornate sterling silver settings, a faceted amethyst (my mom's fave) of 3.5 carats takes center stage in a ring of feminine elegance.  Made of .925 sterling silver.

Citrine solitaire ring, 'Feminine Charm'
Nestled amid sterling arabesques, a single citrine (my own birthstone) graces this lovely ring. It totals some 1.5 carats. Kenari (Bali) crafts a very feminine design in finely worked .925 sterling silver.

Brazilian drusy agate stacking rings, 'Samba Dazzle' (set of 3)
Mined in Brazil, drusy agate is dazzling. The sparkling gem in dark steel gray finds a showcase in a trio of rings. From Novica's Gemstone Jewelry of Southern Brazil collection, the set of three can be worn together or separately.

Amethyst stacking rings, 'Mystical Muse' (set of 3)
Believed to be the gem of mystical wisdom, amethyst cabochons crown stacking rings by India's Mahavir. The set includes three handcrafted .925 sterling silver rings, featuring one florid engraved band and two hammered rings. The stylish trio can be worn together or separately.  (I love silver stacking rings most of all!)

Even more fabulous rings available at NOVICA Live

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Blue Willow: Lynn Miller


Blue Willow Tea Set at North Creek Farm, Maine

I was so excited to see this tea set displayed at North Creek Farm in Maine.  My childhood tea set is identical and over the years my cups had fallen on hard times, so to speak.  Although this set was not for sale, I’d seen others at very high prices.  My daughter came upon a bargain of $15 for 6 cups and saucers.  Lucky me to have such a thoughtful daughter.  Unfortunately, I broke 2 in short order.  After that I knew it was up to me to find replacements for that gift.  After much searching, I found the missing pieces and was able to complete my set.  Tea anyone?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tula Pink City Sampler: Blocks 31-50

block 33 with Tula Pink Raccoon Acacia Blueberry Fabric

block 34

block 36

block 37

block 39 with Tula Pink Birds and Bee's Squirrel fabric
block 41

block 43

block 44

block 47

block 49

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Autumn Scarves: NOVICA Live Feature

100% Alpaca Scarf, 'Andean Twilight'
"The colors of the firmament, when the sun finally bids day farewell, inspire the vibrant design of this alpaca scarf. Fernando Cano (Andes) creates vibrant patterns as he knits the scarf in shades of plum, orange, green and brown. Alpaca has been prized in the Andean region for centuries thanks to its warm and lightweight fleece."

Alpaca Blend Scarf, 'Silver Gift of Warmth'
"Fashion and tradition combine in an exquisite scarf by Isidoro C'cahuantico (Andes). Crafted of an alpaca blend in silvery gray, it adds elegance to the winter wardrobe. Lightweight alpaca is a luxurious fleece renowned for its warmth."

Silk Batik Shawl, 'Carnelian Mums'
"Colorful chrysanthemums cover a radiant shawl of orange silk. Working with traditional batik techniques, Yuni Kristina (Java) creates a wrap of graceful femininity."
"My mother is my inspiration. She and I still design together, especially the floral and bird motifs that are typical in Pekalongan batik," - Yuni

Cotton Scarf, 'Orchid Fiesta'
"A creation by Andres Perez, this festive scarf is woven by hand on a traditional Guatemalan loom. Cotton strands in rich shades of rose, lilac, purple and orange are woven with spaces between the weft, or horizontal threads, for a loose and open weave that drapes beautifully. Its luscious fringe is knotted by hand."

Silk and Wool Shawl, 'Natural Radiance'
"The quiet shimmer of natural silk meets hand loomed textures in virgin wool for a shawl of extraordinary elegance. By Imtiyaz (India), the lovely wrap combines enticing colors to wear with everything."

Cotton Blend Kente Cloth Scarf, 'Koforidua Flower
"'The women from Koforidua (Ghana) are renowned for their beauty, and are therefore regarded as the 'flowers' of the village. This kente scarf is designed in their honor,' says designer Deborah Osei Boakye. According to tradition, each color has a meaning and pink symbolizes the feminine essence of life; yellow stands for wealth, preciousness, vitality and fertility."