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My old 101 in 1001 days is set to expire at the end of August this year, but since we are moving to a new house in just a few weeks, I thought this would be a great time to revisit this plan.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

101 things in 1001 days

101 things to do in 1001 days
found this challenge on Homekeeping Heather's Blog She found it on someone else's blog of course. Isn't sharing wonderful?  I will be back to update soon. I will also be letting you know how I'm doing along the way.  It's about 32 months or 143 weeks, which would take me to August 2015.

1. visit Grandma and PopPop at least 3 times a year (3 times spring 2013, PopPop passed in March 2013, Jan 2014, Summer 2014)
2. visit Dave and Alexis (Sept 2013)
3. attend meetings at least once a month (also went to district convention summer 2013)
4. Lose 20 pounds (starting weight = 205)
5. Become debt free except for the house (starting debt approximately $500)
6. hang clothes outside in the good weather (love this)
7. finish Japanese quilt
8. finish recovering couch (got a different one)
9. finish old House Album
10. make Kousa Dogwood Berry Jam 2013
11. can 5 different things each summer (Kousa Dogwood Berry Jam 2013, Wild Apple Sauce 2013 & 2014, Wild Grape Juice concentrate2013, peaches 2014)
12. plant strawberries(did it, need more though)
13. plan, dig, plant, maintain herb garden (did a little, need to replan some for next year)
14. also vegetable garden (did a little, need to replan some for next year)
15. start composting (built bin out of pallets)
16. dye fabric with leaves
17. plan meals 2 weeks at a time
18. make shopping lists according to meal plans
19. Complete kids scrapbooks birth to current
20. eat 3-5 fruits and veggies daily
21. keep fruits and veggies easily accessible for kids to snack -done
22. finish 3 bird paintings
23. read a book a month (32) Hobbit, Fellowship of the Ring, Grimm Grotto, Penultimate Peril, The End, The White Queen, Constant Princess, The Boleyn Inheritance, Lady of the Rivers, The Red Queen, The White Princess, The Other Queen,  (that's 13 already!)
24. go to Maine in August (1-3 times) (couldn't go summer 2013 or 2014)
25. warm vacation with just Kelly and I
26. hit 100 geocaches (63 so far)
27. Drink at least 32-64oz of water daily
28. submit to Stampington and Co quarterly
29.finish Cruise Quilt (top is done)
30. write letters
31. participate in Purple Painted Lady Barn Sale (9-21-13, 9-20-14)
32.Make Benjamin's big bed quilt
33. continue Bible studies with Rachel/Genisa weekly-doing it!
34. Read Bible daily
35. post on Something-2-Eat blog 3 times a week (rethinking this)
36. post on tidbits & scraps 5 times a week
37. think of things to talk to Dorothy about
38. finish wedding scrapbook
39. host Chris, Travis, and TJ in August 2013 (didn't come)
40. make 1 item a month to donate (32)
41. host scrapbooking crop at least once a month
42. take Rebekah to Strong Museum once a month
43. Try making my own salad dressings and sauces
44. read big books to Timothy at night.- always do it
45. make bread once a month
46. do 20 in 20 on blog
47.Rebekah's Raccoon quilt (top done)
48. encourage Kelly toward active past times - he is paddle-boarding and swimming
49. submit regularly to online challenges - I made a chart for my studio listing what is due when
50. help Timothy keep his room clean and organized
51. help Timothy brush teeth, shower regularly -
52. send anniversary cards regularly
53. Use re-useable shopping bags
54. continue to increase productivity of my Close to My Heart business -
55. continue to increase productivity of my NOVICA Live business
56. finish peacock cross stitch
57. organize Bird Stamp Collection - small books for each country
58. build dining room table from pallets
59.photograph and create page for my bird postage collection
60.photograph and create page for my nativities
61.photograph and create page for my elephants
63. complete 100 scrapbook layouts
65. make videos
66.Post Rebekah's videos on you-tube
68. Learn needlefelting
69. make 10 editions of Something to Eat zine (10)
70. Do Virgin Island Scrapbook
71. start genealogy website
72. scan all genealogy scrapbook pages to website
73. scan all other old pictures to website
74.make a glass pumpkin at Corning Museum of Glass
75. have some dinner parties - (March 2014)
77.pick raspberries - spring 2014
78. pick blueberries - summer 2013
79. pick strawberries -
80. pick grapes
81. Donate 10,000 grain of rice via with Timothy
82. finish all CTMH tutorials Etsy Shop (July 2014)
84. go to the library weekly with kids, start in the summer
85. keep up to date on ordering pictures
86. family camping trip
87. go to another CTMH Convention
88. learn 100 signs (American Sign Language) with kids when possible
89. Start writing poetry again
90. host Girl's Nights at my house
91. get Timothy a parakeet (sadly, Frightful did not live long and Timothy did not wish to replace her)
92. start new therapy (spring 2013 - going great)
93.start Timothy at new therapy (went a few times but he has helped himself even more)
94. attend Wednesday night meetings with Timothy
95.start regular family worship nights
96. Print book each year of Rebekah for Kelly -
97. Grow family Tree (that doesn't mean have more kids)
98.Find new Doctor, not because I want to.
99. Go to the dentist October 2014
101. save 5 dollars every time I complete a goal, seriously! $125 so far

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