Monday, November 15, 2010

31 shoeboxes

So here they are...some of the 31 shoeboxes full of goodies for "kids who don't have anything," as Rebekah would say. Thanks to mom, Abby, Jo Horton, Erin Sharp, Judy Strong, Shannon Morean, Anna Maria Olson, Kelly Launt, Heidi Craven, Sonia Boufford, Kelly and my kids for all their help and donations of gifts and time.

This was so rewarding for me and my family and all my friends. I just hope I can get them all in the car and to the drop off location by myself. This is the shoebox raffle I offered to everyone who donated.

4 marble tile coasters, a handmade clay nativity, a votive holder, denim tote bag from World Vision, fabric bird ornament, 2010 spool ornament, 2 small hand bound journals, Christmas tree gift tags, nativity ornament, and more!

The winner was picked by Rebekah and it is....

Anna Maria Olson!!

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