Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm Published

I just got my contributor's copy of Somerset Studio Gallery.

Here is the Table of Contents. You can see my name in the bottom left corner under Wedding Days. Also a close up of my piece is in the upper right hand corner.

I could not take a picture of the page with my work because the kids let the bunny chew on my camera cable, so I can't upload pictures. GRRR.

This is one of the pieces that got in. I don't have a picture of the second one so you will have to buy your own copy.

The background is corrugated cardboard with white paint. The roses are handmade out of the strips of cardboard that I tore off the background. The lace and ribbon are vintage. The flowers are Close to My Heart and Prima. I can't remember if the pearls are Close to My Heart or something else. I will be posting many other recent works in the next few days, assuming my husband knows where his camera cord is.


  1. Congratulations!! What a lovely piece :)

    How was the lilac festival this year? I was just in Saratoga Springs over the weekend.

  2. Congrats Julie; I loved your art! I love the cardboard, fence feel. Marriages reflect building a bond, having a fence to protect our relationship, but also the dream of the white picket fence and what is captures.

    A lot of us, not all want that kind of home~ All the lovely touches make your collages really pop!
    So beautiful~

  3. Yay Julie!!!! Your work is gorgeous! Congratulations!!!!

  4. Congrats on the article! I haven't had a chance to look through my copy of the magazine yet, but at a glance it is a good one.

    thanks for joining our swap, nice to "meet" you!

  5. what a gorgeous piece! I saw this in the issue and thought it was beautiful! congrats on being published!