Thursday, June 12, 2014

Etsy Craft Party - Inspiration & Supplies

Wow!  What fun we had at my Etsy Craft Party on Saturday!  I want to share everything with you!  For today, I will start with Etsy, Etsy sellers, Etsy stores, generosity, connections, and the raffle prize...

Every June Etsy helps crafters mingle and make at worldwide Craft Parties.  They offer a theme like Recapture: Give New Meaning to Your Photographs.  They supply templates for signs, name tags, emails, etc.  They give DIY instructions for recommended projects.  They even help cover supply costs for parties with over 25 guests by providing the hostess with an Etsy voucher.

We made 5 projects at the party all of varying difficulty.  These are the inspirations from Etsy.  They are listed from easiest to hardest.  Stay tuned for the How-Tos of each.

altered ancestors
inspiration piece by GidgetsMojo

paper bag photo collage
inspiration piece by Finnabair

wooden spool photo holders
inspiration pieces by littlethings1

mini clipboard "frame"
inspiration piece by sugarlumpstudios

mixed media photo transfer
inspiration piece by Janette Schuster
at VisualApothecary

When I got my voucher for the party supplies I wanted to spread the wealth a bit.  I shopped at 4 different Etsy shops.  Here's what I got for the above projects.

stickers to alter our ancestors

Prima paper flowers and

pretty little pearls

lots of Glue Dots

many great...
Visit all these great Etsy shops for inspiration or supplies for your next projects too.  I could go on and on but I will save some for tomorrow.  and the next day.  and the next too!


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    1. I love your Blog....Just love it...The Craft Projects are so,So Cute....Wow..WOW what imaginations...Party on!