Wednesday, September 1, 2010

my art workspace (swap-bot swap)

I have moved into the dining most recently.  I have a great room in the attic but its always too hot or too cold up there.  I even have a kid play space up there.  Sadly the weather up there isnt what i need.  I have my essentials in the dining room.  We have a table in the kitchen to eat at so my family doesnt mind my taking over the dining room table.  usually.  I keep my stamps and fibers and notecards and envies in the cubes with drawers.  The metal cabinet is full of buttons, brads, and other small embelishments.  I got it from a man whose mother owned a dress shop in Motecello many years ago.  As you can see I have my own supervisor.  He is very active during the creative process.  Honest.  He likes quilting the best.


  1. I love your metal drawer unit, so handy! And I have a crafty supervisor too, although he's more involved with the packing than anything else. Thanks for sharing!

    ~RJcanuck from swap-bot

  2. I'm so jealous of you! When I want to do something creative, all I have is a desk in my room... No drawers or anything. You have a beautiful cat too! My cat also likes to sleep on tables.

    Have a great weekend!

    Tanja aka tanchyka from swap-bot

  3. Great space, although not sure how much gets done with a giant cat lounging about!

    Partner on swap-bot "Comments on your blog"


  4. Love the cat. My crafting space is totally lacking one of those. :(

    That narrow-drawered filing cabinet looks incredibly useful. Where did you find such a thing?

    ~TallysTreasury from swap-bot